Privacy Policy for [Radd-e-qaddiyani]

We respect your privacy and are committed to ensuring the protection of any information you provide while using our app.

Information Collection:

We do not collect any personal information or data from users within the app.

Usage of the App:

Our app does not gather, store, or transmit any user information, personal data, or sensitive information.

Device Permissions:

Some device permissions may be requested by the app for specific functionalities or services, but these permissions are only used for the intended purposes and do not involve the collection of user data.

Data Security:

While no user data is collected, rest assured that our app is designed to ensure the security and protection of any information on your device.

Third-party Services:

Our app does not integrate with or use any third-party services that collect or access user information.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

Any future updates to our privacy policy will be reflected in this document. Please review this policy periodically for any changes.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our app’s privacy policy or practices, please contact us at [].